Welsh Dry Steam

Welsh Dry Steam is a naturally occurring semi-smokeless fuel - much softer than anthracite, but more clean-burning than house coal.

Usually used to 'raise steam' in railway engines, traction engines and steam-powered boats - also available for domestic use and offered in three sizes - Cobble / Large Nuts / Small Nuts under the trade name of 'Gloda' - produced at the Ffos-y-Fran Colliery in South Wales.

Best suited for closed appliances and Rayburn-type cookers, not AGA cookers. 

Typical Lump Size:

 Cobble: 100 x 150 mm
Large Nut:  50 x 69 mm
Small Nut:  22 x 45 mm
Smokeless: Semi
Appliances: Railway engines, traction engines, steam-powered boats, closed appliances, room heaters and Rayburn type cookers, but not AGA cookers.
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