Solid Fuel Safety

Solid Fuel Safety

Solid Fuel Appliances

Solid fuel appliances will operate reliably, efficiently and, most importantly, safely, if they are installed and serviced correctly.

Solid Fuels

Always ensure that the correct fuel for your particular appliance is used. Check out the Fuels Guide page.

Keeping the Air Ways Clear

Solid fuel appliances need to be able to 'breathe-in' to operate efficiently, so a good airflow into the room is important. If you have double glazing then you may need an air brick fitted which will bring extra air into the room, and remember to ensure the air brick doesn't get blocked up.

Solid fuel appliances also need to 'breathe-out' efficiently, so make sure that the flue ways are regularly cleaned as well as the throat plate on enclosed appliances.

Sweeping the Chimney

Ensure you have your chimney swept at least once a year if burning smokeless fuel, or twice a year if burning logs. Failure to keep your solid fuel appliance in tip top condition may result in carbon monoxide seeping back into your property.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas which can cause illness, permanent health damage and quite often, death. If your chimney is blocked, or leaking, or if your appliance airways or throat plate are not clear, the gases will not escape into the atmosphere, but flow back into your house, or on occasion into your neighbours house, through a common chimney. It is also important to note that in extreme weather conditions, fumes can be forced back down the chimney. You may not see any smoke and the gas is odourless, so invest in a carbon monoxide detector, it may just save your life !

What to do

If your appliance begins to burn slowly, goes out frequently or if you smell or suspect fumes:

  • Open doors and windows.
  • Carefully put out the fire, or allow it to burn itself out.
  • Do not stay in the room any longer than necessary.
  • Do not attempt to re-light the appliance until a professional has checked it.
  • Contact your local HETAS heating engineer or the Solid Fuel Advice Line on 01773 835400

Fire Guards

Never leave an open fire without a fireguard in place, and if there are children in the home, the fireguard must be securely fitted to avoid accidents.

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